Dr. Ryan Zapoticky

Dr. Ryan Zapoticky is a native of the Back Mountain Area, having graduated from Dallas High School.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Shippensburg University in Biology and is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry.  While at Shippensburg he received the Board of Governors Academic Scholarship along with a Football Scholarship. Other accolades include the Frank E Jeffries Academic Scholarship while at the University of Pittsburgh.  In May of 2022 Dr. Zapoticky received the distinguished Dental Implant Student Award from the American Association Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

When asked why he chose dentistry Dr. Zapoticky said, “I chose to be a Dentist because I loved science growing up and always wanted to be in health care”.  Currently Dr Zapoticky resides in Dallas and is engaged to his fiancée Colleen. When  not performing root canals and other dental procedures Dr. Zapoticky enjoys coaching football playing sports and spending quality time with family and friends.   

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Dr. Ryan Zapoticky

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